Webster’s defines collaboration as “the work or activity of a number of persons who individually contribute toward the efficiency of the whole.”  And production is the perfect example of collaboration – rarely is one person responsible for either the process or the outcome.  Very often, I work with an agency or client that comes fully-staffed.  But when that’s not the case, I have partnerships with a network of talented creatives – freelance colleagues, companies and visionary friends I call on when a project demands a certain expertise.  The synergy this brings to a project becomes an energizing partnership that results in compelling, smart solutions that make for happy and successful results.  It’s an important part of how I do what I do.  I’d look forward to including these accomplished teammates in your next assignment; please contact me so that I can introduce them to you.

And in the spirit of collaboration, these fine people have said some nice things about me and my capabilities, and I hope you’ll indulge my wanting to share them with you.

from Bradley Gast, Partner, Mangos Inc:

“Hope is someone I’ve counted on time after time as a producer for outstanding broadcast production. Most recently, her work on the Bryn Mawr Rehab Hospital TV spot represented her uncanny ability to tackle any particularly unique production challenge (this time it was underwater storytelling) with truly memorable results. I couldn’t be happier.”

from Heather Dougherty, Account Supervisor, Karma Advertising:

“Hope is a true partner and a trusted producer. As an account supervisor, I look for a partner that will help me execute on my team and client’s behalf. She not only manages every detail with perfection, she is invested in her work and the final product. Hope ensures the agency / client needs are met and exceeded and also has a way of infusing her creative instincts to deliver a compelling product.”

from Bill German, EVP/Co-Owner, Cornerstone Pictures:

“Production is a giant puzzle, requiring the deft hand of a seasoned Producer to assemble the disparate pieces and make one coherent creative vision come to life.  I’ve had the pleasure to work with Hope many times over the years and it never ceases to amaze me how effortlessly she pulls all of those pieces together.  Her experience, her people skills and her attention to detail insures a happy client at the end of the day.   Hope’s professionalism is only matched by her joyous spirit, which is a welcome relief in this often crazy business.”

from Jennie Grace, Actor:

“Hope is one of the most talented and precise producer/directors I have ever worked with. Incredibly respectful and generous to actors, and at the same time won’t give up until the client is thrilled with the outcome.”

from Nancy Valenti, Licensing/Sales, Getty Images:

 “While I was an Account Executive at Getty Images, I had the pleasure of working with Hope for over five years. Hope’s professionalism and strong understanding of intellectual property licensing made her an ideal client. Although producing television commercials can be very stressful, Hope was always calm, kind and easy to talk with. This made it natural for us to develop a friendly rapport and working relationship that was enjoyable for both of us. Over the years, I saw many of the spots Hope produced and was always impressed. I am confident in Hope’s ability to consistently produce work of the highest quality.”